Das Turnier “2021 Chess.com Daily Chess Championship” hat begonnen

16505 Teilnehmer wobei 22 Partien gleichzeitig gespielt werden auf chess.com – ja, da tut sich etwas und es gibt auch jede Menge Preise zu gewinnen, auf die ich bei meinem ersten Turnier allerdings nicht scharf bin. Dabei sein ist alles, das ist schon aufregend genug.
Und hier die offizielle Ausschreibung:

Dies ist ein Turnier “ohne Urlaub”!
This is the official 2021 Chess.com Daily Chess Championship. Participants will play 22 games at one time (one as Black, one as White per opponent) at the time control of one day per move in 12-player sections. Please anticipate the challenging schedule; the timeout rate in this tournament is consistently high due to the demanding schedule. Only the section winner(s) advance.

This tournament is expected to complete late in 2021.

Opening databases and opening books are permitted in Daily Chess, but the use of engines and tablebases is never permitted. All section winners will be subjected to fair-play analysis.

Post your most interesting games in the comments and share on Twitter with #dailychess, and we’ll publicize the best ones! Selected games win prizes!

Worried you’ll forget to move? Turn on your daily chess notifications here!

Questions? See our frequently asked questions for tournaments!

This year the Daily Chess Championship will feature $5000 in cash prizes. Prizes will be awarded in each round for the best video analyses, blogs, social media posts, and games:

Round 1: 5 video analyses prizes ($100 each), 5 best blog prizes ($100 each), 5 most popular social media post prizes ($100 each), and 5 best game prizes ($100 each)

Round 2: 5 video analyses prizes ($100 each), 4 best blog prizes ($100 each), 4 most popular social media post prizes ($100 each), and 2 best game prizes ($100 each)

Round 3: 4 video analyses prizes ($100 each), 2 best blog prizes ($100 each), 2 most popular social media post prizes ($100 each), and 2 best game prizes ($100 each)

Round 4: 1 video analyses prize ($100), 1 blog prize ($100), 1 social media prize ($100), 1 best game prize ($200)

Prizes will be awarded by a committee of Chess.com staff members. Social media posts will be awarded to the most liked posts on any platform. To be considered for a prize, submit at https://forms.gle/PQaVtckr17TrMnc78. Social media posts must use #dailychess to be considered.

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